Twenty20 is comprised of four 9th graders: vocalist Hugo Carney, guitarist Ben Froman, bassist Lucas Donovan, and drummer Joey Doyle. They hail from Washington, D.C, and they like pizza, skateboarding, writing music, and girls — not necessarily in that order.

The band's growing fan base was hooked by the 2014 music video release for "Heart Thief," an original rock anthem that propelled them to performances at 9:30 Club and Hard Rock Cafe. In early 2015, the band released a self titled EP featuring two new original songs: "Further," a brooding imagination of a world beyond love and hate, and "Waiting," an infectious power-pop classic-to-be about love and its
frustrations with a driving beat and harmonies you’ll soon be singing to yourself.
Formed in 2010 when Froman moved to D.C. and began looking for friends to play music, the band dubbed itself Twenty20 for a variety of reasons — there's the obvious allusion to perfect vision, but 2020 also happens to be the year the bandmates will graduate from high school.

Twenty20's story is just beginning, so keep up with them on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram (click icons below) and download the EP on iTunes.