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Twenty20 is a local DC rock band consisting of four high schoolers, who love to play music. The band formed in 2010 when guitarist Ben Froman and Bassist Lucas Donovan moved to DC from New York. Lucas and Ben soon befriended vocalist, Hugo Carney, and drummer, Joey Doyle. All fueled by their love for Rock n’ Roll, the boys formed Twenty20.

Since then, Twenty20 has been all around DC doing what they love. Along with playing at local venues such as Comet and Union Market, Twenty20 has also shown initiative in giving back to their global community with performances for Bono’s ONE foundation and self-funded shows to benefit local DC charities.

Twenty20 has been actively creating their own music with a three song EP released in March 2015 led by their hit song “Heart Thief”. The Spring of 2017 brings the release of a new 5 song EP “29 Kings Ct.” With songs like their energetic rock anthem “Outta my Head” and upbeat punk-influenced tune “In Your Dreams”. Look for upcoming activity from Twenty20 with new releases and exciting shows.

Vocals / Hugo Carney
Guitar / Ben Froman
Bass /  Lucas Donovan
Drums / Joey Doyle



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